Meet The Insiders

Author, freelance writer, and blog accumulator, Sarah Elisabeth has worked at First Monday in Canton, Texas, for over seven years. Her various occupations, from concession to purse sales to babysitting to outdoor fire pits to garden gadgets to girly frills to set up and tear down work, make her a qualified candidate to blog about the World’s Largest Trade Days. She’s found what she hopes will be her forever First Monday home at the Gypsy Pearl. It’s easily the best job she’s had, with the pampering of owner, Pam Burnett.


Lynda Kay is none other than Sarah’s mom. She’s also a grandmother, blogger, Facebook expert and indie filmmaker. Lynda Kay has had her own share of First Monday experience. She can give firsthand history of the flea market over the last fifteen years when she and her husband, along with their (then) young son and daughter, moved to Canton. She was the first to go to work for Pam in October of 2009 during the holiday rush.


In the spring of 2011, the idea for First Monday Insider was conceived by Sarah Elisabeth. Now this mother and daughter’s hope is to share their wealth of information about Canton and its experience so that YOU can be an Insider too!