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Just Buy It, and Bought It at Canton!

Georgia Gilliland (of Cleburne), Tricia Campbell (of Henrietta), Crystal Finch (of Hico), Debbie Burns (of Cleburne), and Jennifer Burns (of Cleburne).

A group of us has been coming to the October First Monday Show for the last 14 years. We usually come in the spring also.

About 4 years ago we had t-shirts made that say, “Just Buy It” on the front with a swish. A couple of years later we added, “Bought It!” to the back of the shirt. They are black with pink lettering. This year we added our new pink and turquoise shirts with the same sayings.

We wore the pink on Saturday and the black ones on Sunday. This year, our shirts should have said, “Singing in the rain at Canton!” Not really, because we did buy it, buy it & buy it!! We love our First Monday Trade Days get togethers.

We gather from Brady, Hico, Cleburne, Henrietta and Wichita Falls, and we are all related. Tricia and Debbie are sisters. Tricia is Crystal’s mother. Debbie is Crystal’s Aunt and Jennifer’s mother-in-law. Georgia is Jennifer’s mother and friend-in-law to Debbie, Tricia, and Crystal. Jennifer and Crystal are cousins-in-law and Tricia is Jennifer’s Aunt-in-law. Confused yet?

Others who are usually with us and wearing the same shirts are: Debbie’s other daughter-in-law Kristi Burns (of Cleburne), Tricia’s other daughter and grand-daughter, Jana and Lizzie Fletcher (of Brady) and Tricia’s daughter-in-law Amanda Gamora (of Wichita Falls). We were so sorry that they could not join us this year for the October trip, BUT not sorry enough to stay away!!

-Shopper Debbie


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