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First Monday Area Feature—Dry Creek Landing

The Dry Creek Landing building celebrated its Grand Opening at the September 2010 show. Since then, it’s become everything from a favorite meeting place for groups reorganizing midway through the day to a cool spot to shop the five booths that call Dry Creek Landing home.

Situated right on a main thoroughfare of the road called Dealer’s Row, the blue top building is somewhat of a hub. It sits in the gateway to the open air fields, and it’s across from the end of the Original Pavilions, the Breezeway and near Pavilion 4500. The popular Row 46 is just a few skips down.

Wide ramps on each end of the building make it easy to push your shopping cart up or ride a scooter. The shops, however, are best experienced on foot, due to crowds and a full display of merchandise.

There’s an assortment of shopping treasures found in these booths, from shabby chic home décor to wood crosses and clothing.

Here’s a map showing how to find Dry Creek Landing: Main Grounds Map

What’s your favorite area to shop at First Monday? Share it in the comments below.

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